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Our History

In 2001, Dario Mamula immigrated from Europe to Manitoba with his family, lead by his father, Branko Mamula, a talented Artist Painter and also Industrial Technician.

Across the ocean, the Artist's talent moved on to the construction industry, bringing his artistic vision and attention to details, while using his managing skills to lead painting projects


Growing in a family of artists and creative people, Dario Mamula was certainly passed down the concept of Art and beauty.

From this concept was born the desire to create and interest in painting and decorating. It’s together with his experienced father that this interest turned into a professional occupation.


From father to mentor. 

After learning for over 8 years from his father , Dario founded his own painting services company in 2013 and since then, ALLIED Painting & Decorating has been a successful growing company!

The Beginning of ALLIED Painting & Decorating

Our Commitment

ALLIED Painting & Decorating is a proud member of the Construction Association and BBB certified.

We make you the promise to commit to quality and you can be sure to get the best combination of expertise, product and technique

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''    Professional painting is more than an occupation, it’s a seamless mix of the manifestation of Art and creativity, of production and team management in order to reach and exceed the customer’s expectations!   ''

Dario Mamula, CEO



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